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      Renmin University of China

      Located in Beijing, the national capital of China, Renmin University of China (RUC) is one of the most famous universities in the country. It is the first modern university established after the foundation of People's Republic of China.

      Its origin was Shanbei Public School founded in 1937, and over the past seven decades, RUC has developed into one of the key comprehensive research-oriented universities in China.

      Full-time teachers 1883
      Students on campus 22749
      By the end of December of 2017, RUC has 1883 full-time teachers, including 659 professors and 773 associate professors. The number of students on campus is 22749 including 9558 undergraduates, 7890 postgraduates and 3810 doctoral students. And 1491 oversea students from over 80 countries choose to study in RUC. As one of the education bases for humanities and social sciences in China, RUC has succeeded in setting up a multidimensional and multilevel structure and building a predominance in humanities and social sciences.
      76 undergraduate programs
      186 Master programs
      125 Doctor programs
      disciplines rank NO.1 in China
      RUC has 26 schools covering disciplines in social sciences, humanities, fine arts and natural sciences. It provides 76 undergraduate programs, 186 master programs and 125 doctor programs. It has 9 disciplines ranking NO.1 in China: Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Journalism and Communication, Statistics, Business Administration and Public Administration.