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      • John Sicilian

        (Professor of University of Kansas, USA, 2012 Summer School)

        Firstly, the summer school was really well organized in terms of curriculum provision, manning support and reception service. I think people taking part in would benefit a lot during the process. Secondly, I have to say the academic members of RUC summer school were amazing; they came from different universities that enjoy high reputation around the world. Thirdly, students in RUC were so friendly that I, as a professor, am very impressive.

      • GAO Ping

        (Professor of University of Manchester, UK, 2012 Summer School)

        I have heard about the excellent academic performance of RUC students as they are supposed to be the top ones. When I came to RUC, I notice that they were better than I expected. Therefore, teaching them was very enjoyable.

      • Stanley Rosen

        (Professor of University of Southern California, USA, 2011 Summer School)

        When I returned to RUC this summer, I was surprised by its significant change compared with what it used to be in 1994, the first time I came here. The differences were not only the layout of campus, but also a more progressive and open attitude.

      • Alejandro Hoyos Jr

        (student of University of Texas--Pan American, USA, 2012 Summer School)

        I have selected two courses to learn Chinese which was very challenging because it was the first time for me to study Chinese language and Chinese culture. But it turned out to be very interesting and beneficial. Besides, teachers were professional and dedicated, and their oral English was fluently so there were no barriers when we were communicating.


      International students should visit RUC ISS website to make on-line application for the accommodation.

      All the international students who applied for accommodation are required to finish the accommodation procedures within two days after the registration day. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.

      Students should pay the accommodation fee directly to the reception of the relevant buildings after your arrival.

      For the accommodation for Chinese students from universities in mainland China, it all depends on the accommodation situation. You are advisable to make accommodation arrangement by yourself. Please call us or e-mail us for more information. (010-62511150, ruc_iss@ruc.edu.cn)

      Attention: We arrange the accommodation for international students according to the time when you apply for the room. The earlier you apply for, the better it will be. We can't guarantee that all applicants can get the chance to live in the ideal room you apply for, but we will try our best to arrange other kind of room for you, if the ideal rooms you want are not available.


      Type of Room Facilities Location Price
      Double Dormitory Room (International Students Dormitory NO.1) Wi-Fi, two beds, public bathroom and washroom, shared washing machine In the Campus 45RMB/Day/Person
      Double Dormitory Room (International Students Dormitory NO.2) Wi-Fi, two beds, public bathroom and washroom, shared washing machine In the Campus 50RMB/Day/Person
      Single Dormitory Room (International Students Dormitory NO.3) Wi-Fi,one bed, independent bathroom and washroom, telephone, A/C In the Campus 120RMB/Day/Room
      Single Dormitory Room(International Culture Exchange Centre) Wi-Fi,one bed, independent bathroom and washroom, telephone, A/C In the Campus 120RMB/Day/Room

      --International Students Dormitory NO.1--


      --International Students Dormitory NO.2--


      --International Students Dormitory NO.3--


             Corridor                      Public Kitchen                          Bedroom                                Bathroom


      --International Culture Exchange Center--


















      房號room number: (本協議一式兩份)

      Housing Agreement of International Students Building

      Welcome to the International Students Building of Renmin University of China . In order to create a harmonious living environment , please obey the following rules . Thank you for your understanding and cooperation . We hope you have a pleasant stay at Renmin University of China .


      1.The front doors of the building are open from 6:00—24:00 . If you return after 24:00 , you need to register at the security desk .

      2.Visiting hours are from 8:00—22:00 . After 21:30 , visitors are not allowed to enter the building; in addition , visitors should register at the security desk when they come in , and they should leave before 22:00 .

      3.Please don’t throw sanitary napkins , toilet paper or any other garbage into the toilet , so as not to clog the pipes .

      4.Please turn off all electric appliances when going out . If you plan to leave for an extended time , you should tell the front desk , and check in again when you come back .

      5.If any appliances in your room fail to work or any furniture is broken , please report it to the front desk as soon as possible . You will be responsible to pay for any damage you cause .

      6.According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens, foreigners must upload the accommodation information within 24 hours after entrance. Only with the visa in period of validity, foreign students can live in the dormitory. Without permission, it is illegal to let other foreigners stay out. Visitors must register at the Safety Department, show credentials and leave within the stipulated time. If student’s visa is expired or let other people stay overnight, the accommodating qualification will be cancelled.


      7.Do not make excessive noise , or play your music loudly in your apartment , because it will disturb other students .

      8.Do not use high-power appliances in your room ,and do not put personal belongings in the hallway .

      9.Do not smoke , or randomly throw cigarettes or other garbage down in the building .

      10.Do not violate Chinese laws and university regulations during your stay .

      11.Do not drink too much alcohol or fight in the building .

      12.Do not let other people stay overnight in your room , and you cannot exchange rooms without permission . Any violations will terminate your right to live in this building .


      A first violation of rules 7-9, will bring an official reprimand . A violation of rules 10-12 , or repeated offenses of rules 7-9 , will terminate your right to live in this building and your school will be notified.

      學生確認簽字                                  日期

      Signature:                                       Date:

      (This agreement is done in duplicate)